Monday, June 29, 2009

Tunlai kan chanchin tlangpui

Farewell Lal

Nl. Hmingthanzuali (Azuali) Aizawl lamah thesis ziah chhunzawm turin a chho a.
Campusah chuan Nl.Mimi, Nl. Dindinte-i, Nl. Hruaii, Nl. Chingi te'n M.Phil interview hmachhawn turin tan an la mek bawk. Hetih lai hian Nl.Babie Lalsangzeli (Bepte-i)pawh Hyderabad dam takin a rawn thleng leh bawk, mahse engmah minlo hawnlo! Airport ah a rawn in pose nasa hle ni a sawi a ni :-) Mithar 7 tun a chiang tawhsa ah chuan kal thar tur kan nei ni in a lang a, Aizawl centre kan sualchhuah hnuah pawh kanla pung thei vak chuanglo a har deuh te pawh a ni ang e. Nl. Malsawmkimi (kimkimi) pawhin a M.Phil a khawrpum tan dawn a post submission pawh a nei hnai thuai dawn e. Research Scholar ho pawh an hna pangaiah an buai tlang khawp. Campus boruak a lum em em hranlo. Zir duh tan chuan zirna boruak tak a ni. Tuesday hian Lalremruati Khiangte (Maremruati) pawh Mizoram min hawn san dawn ta. Tunhnai khan a ni hian UGC/NET a hmu bawk. Kan ngai dawn hle mai. Nl. Zoramdini (Zorami) pawh a thawhna tur SBH ah training an nei mek a Secunderabad-ah a awm mek. Hyderabad posting a hmuh loh chuan a ni pawh hmun dang a kal mai tur a ni. Kan ngai khawp ang. Kan University Mizo zirlaite kutchhuak academic lam lehkhabu tih chhuah tum bawk a ni a hetah hian H.Vanlalhruaia (Taite-a) chuan hma a la mek bawk a ni.

Farewell Zor

(He kan chanchin tlangpui hi Ex-Univ of hyd te, hmundang a chawlh hmang mek te tan a kan han ziahsak a ni e)

List of Conferences/Seminars/Workshop for the month of July - August 2009

1. One Workshop on Foreign Languages and
Industrial Needs

(Prof. J Prabhakar Rao)
(PVC-1 Approved 13.05.09)
CSFL July 9, 2009

2. Two-day Workshop on Life and Work of
Charles Darwin

(Dr. Prajit K Basu)
(VC Approved – 06.04.09)
Centre Knowledge
Culture and
Innovation Studies
July 31, 2009 to
August 1, 2009

3. Climate change: causes, measures and

(Prof. AC Narayana)
(Approved by PVC-1 09.06.09)
August 23-27, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Heile Doctoral fellowship for 2009-2010 ICSSR

A dil awm chuan han dil teh u. North east tan pawh duhsakna a la awm zel a nia.
Hmanhmawh deuh chu a ngai ang.
Last date of receipt of applications: 30th June 2009
Completed application forms must be sent to:

Deputy Director, Research Fellowships

Indian council of Social Science Research

Aruna Asaf Ali Marg

New Delhi-110067
North East category of fellowships are earmarked for candidates from North-East Region or who are registered in North Eastern Universities. Centrally administered Doctoral Fellowships are awarded by the ICSSR on the basis of selection through an interview to be held at also at ICSSR North-Eastern Regional Centre, Shillong.


1. Postgraduate in Social Sciences with at least 55% marks

2. The candidate should have cleared National Eligibility Test

(NET for JRF/Lecturership)/ M.Phil/or two research articles published in reputed social science journals (reprints to be attached)

3. The applicant must be registered for Ph.D. Those who are

not registered need not apply.(Those scholars who are in

the last year of research, need not apply).


The selected candidates will be paid a fellowship amount of Rs.6,000/(for NET) and Rs.5,000/(for Non-NET) per month for two years extendable by one year in exceptional cases only, plus Rs.12,000/ per annum as contingency grant. A proposal to revise the rates of fellowship is pending with the Government of India.

Hetah hian form download theih click keuh rawh. CLICK ME PLZ :-)


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

University zirtirtu ni duh tan

Mizoram Central University-ah hnaruak a tam mai.
A hnuai link ah hian download theih a ni tarlan sen pawh a nilo.

Hnaruak click keuh rawh

Monday, June 15, 2009

Poetry Anthology

Poems will be judged by the editors of our Poetry Anthology. This contest will have NO reading or entry fee, but each person is limited to submitting only five poems total. Each poem should be typed on a separate page with the authors name and E-mail address on each poem. Please see our website for more details.

All poems will be considered for publication and those who win the contest will have their poems marked as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place and there will be up to three Honorable Mentions.

Poets DO NOT have to buy the Anthology; in fact, the winners will get a free copy in addition to their prize money. Winners will also be announced on our web page and may also have their winning poems displayed. Please see our website for more details on submitting poems, prizes, and deadlines at and contact us with any questions at

You may request a PDF of our catalog, delivered free of charge to your Email address, by simply sending an Email to us with “Catalog Request” in the subject line.

Diversion Press
P.O. Box 30277
Clarksville, TN 37040

‘Self, Society and History’: A Cultural History Workshop

Call for Papers:
Centre for Cultural History at the University of Aberdeen
‘Self, Society and History’: A Cultural History Workshop
18-19 June 2010
The Centre for Cultural History at the University of Aberdeen invites individual and panel proposals for a workshop entitled ‘Self, Society and History’ to be held between the 18-19 June 2010. The workshop organizers seek proposals from members of the humanities and social sciences whose research sheds new light on questions of human subjectivity, social identity and power from the eighteenth century to the present.
The workshop organizers are particularly interested in attracting a broad cross-section of historical and theoretical approaches to subjectivity, social identity and power. These approaches may include the historical, sociological, or anthropological application of social psychology, post-structuralism, symbolic interactionism, Foucauldian analysis, psychoanalysis, neuroscience, postmodernism, articulation theory, and studies of individual memory and the collective historical consciousness.
Panel proposals (60 minutes with up to 3 speakers) should include a panel title, title and 200 word abstract for each individual paper, and a short CV from each panel presenter.
Individual submissions should include a paper title, 200 word abstract and a short CV.
All proposals must be received by 31 October 2009.
Please direct all enquiries and proposals to Dr Gregory Smithers at:
Dr Gregory D. Smithers
Department of History
University of Aberdeen
Kings College
Old Aberdeen
AB24 3FX
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 272197
Fax: +44 (0)1224-272203

Pew Biomedical Scholars Oral History Collection - Short Term Fellowship

Location:Pennsylvania, United States
Fellowship Deadline:2009-08-15

The Center for Contemporary History and Policy (CCHP) at the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) invites proposals for short-term fellowships focused on the use of the Pew Scholars in the Biomedical Sciences Oral History Collection located at the CHF. Fellows are expected to be in residence for six weeks and will use the Pew Collection to develop projects related to their own work. We welcome applications/proposals from researchers at all stages of their careers and from a diversity of fields: STS, sociology, history (of science, medicine, or technology), philosophy, and science policy. Since the goal of this Fellowship is to promote the use of this oral history collection, all Fellows will be required either to write a ten-page description of the ways in which the collection contributed to their research or to supply a copy of a book chapter or an article based upon work derived from this collection.

In 1985, the Pew Charitable Trusts established the Pew Scholars Program in the Biomedical Sciences to provide four-year awards to early-career biomedical researchers of outstanding promise. Hundreds of scientists have since received funding from The Pew Trusts, and have helped to shape the course of biomedical research in the United States. Some Pew Scholars have gone on to receive prestigious awards such as the Nobel Prize and the Howard Hughes Medical Investigator award; many have started their own research centers and initiatives; and all have made significant contributions to the life sciences.

Soon after the term of the four-year award, these Pew Scholars participated in an oral history interview that covered various aspects of the Scholars’ lives: their childhood; early education; college, graduate school, and post-doc experiences; reflections on their mentors and the labs in which they worked; starting and running a lab; and broader social, cultural, economic, and political issues. This oral history collection provides a wealth of information for those interested in the contemporary history of the biomedical sciences.

These oral histories, housed in the Othmer Library at the Chemical Heritage Foundation, are being made available for research purposes. For more information about the Scholars and their science, please visit the program website which is part of the Emerging Science area of the Pew Charitable Trusts’ website. For examples of the oral histories, please visit the Chemical Heritage Foundation’s web pages devoted to the Pew Oral Histories (the pages are currently under construction and are not a reflection of the complete collection of approximately 200 Pew oral histories for the classes of 1985 through 2000, all of which can be accessed at the Othmer Library).

In order to create an atmosphere of collaboration and community, Fellows are expected tobe in residence at the Chemical Heritage Foundation for six consecutive weeks of their choosing, completing their time before the end of June 2010.

Fellows will receive access to
• working space,
• the CHF library and its tools, and
• the staff that conduct and manage the Pew Oral History Collection,

In addition, fellows will receive a $3,000 stipend to support the individual's expenses (no other financial support, e.g. travel funding, will be available).

Though the CHF cannot guarantee housing for Fellows, we do offer support in searching for appropriate accommodations.

How to Apply
To be considered for a Pew Scholar Oral History Fellowship at CHF, please send
1. A two-page cover letter that includes a description of the proposed project and how it fits within your current research activities;
2. your C.V.; and
3. for graduate students only, please arrange to have one letter of recommendation submitted on your behalf.

All materials should be submitted by 15 August 2009. Decisions will be made no later than 1 September 2009.

Please submit all materials, or direct any questions, to:

David J. Caruso, Ph.D.
Program Manager, Oral History
Chemical Heritage Foundation
315 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Tel: 215-873-8236