Friday, May 31, 2013

University of Hyderabad entrance Interview result chhuak a Zohnahthlak tlingte

May 31st, 2013 khan University of Hyderabad entrance interview result tih chhuah a ni a. Kan hriat theih chinah Zohnahthlak tling te chu

MSc (Health Psychology)
 1) Deborah Lalhmangaihzauvi (Reserved Category)
     Admission date: 18th June, 2013
     Time: 9 A.M

MSc (Physics)
 1) K Hudson (Reserved Category)
     Admission date: 18th June, 2013
     Time: 9 A.M

MPhil (Applied Linguistic)
 1) Teresi Lalmuanawmi (Reserved Category)
     Admission date: 19th June, 2013
     Time: 9 A.M

Waiting List

MA (Mass Communication) (ST Reserved Category)
 1) Robert Lalsangpuia
 2) Jerry Vanlalremruata
     Calling date: 21st June, 2013
     Time: 2 P.M

MSc (Health Psychology) (ST Reserved Category)
 1) Lalremruati Hmar
     Calling date: 21st June, 2013
     Time: 9 A.M

MPhil (Political Science) (ST Reserved Category)
 1) G. Khaibiaklal
     Calling date: 21st June, 2013
     Time: 2 P.M

Admission fee leh result hrechiang leh zual duhtan University website ah a en theih reng e

NOTES: Admission ti tur leh waiting list te chuan an admission/calling date ni hian an Mark-sheets, transfer, migration certificates original leh attested photo copy, passport size photo tam thei ang ber, ST certificate original leh attested photo copy ken theuh tur a ni. Tin, a hun leh ni kan tarlan ang khian kim tak a kal tur a ni, proxy a theih lo ang.

Admission chungchang a University thuneitu te biak pawh theihna te:
Phone no's. 040-23132103, 23132102, 23132101.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nunui'n Ph.D degree a hmu thar

Dr. V. Sawmveli
Nl. V. Sawmveli (Nunui) D/o. V. Vanhupa, Saiha College veng chuan vawiin Dt.14 May 2013 Thawhlehni chawhma dar 11:00 khan Department of Sociology, School of Social Sciences, University of Hyderabad atangin Doctor of Phillosophy (Ph.D) degree a dawng thar. A thesis title chu "Law, Religion and Gender: A Study of Women's Rights in Mizoram" tih a ni. Nl.Nunui hi Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Guwahati Campus ah Asst.Professor hna thawk lai mek a ni. Dr.V.Sawmveli hi ti hian University of Hyderabad atanga Mizo zirlai Ph.D zirzo zing a a paruk na a ni. Kan hriat theih chinah Mizoram hmeichhia te zing a Sociology Subject a Ph.D zirzo hmasaber a niin kan hria. Keini Mizo Post Graduate Students' Union: University of Hyderabad te chuan kan u duhtak Nl.Nunui'n Ph.D viva voce tluang tak a nei thei leh doctorate degree a hmu ta hi chhuanawm kan tiin kan lawmpui em em a, Mizo fate tan zirna kawnga mellung pawimawh tak phunna pakhat ah kan ngai a ni. A hma lam hun zel atan pawh duhsakna sang ber kan hlan e.

V.Sawmveli defending her Ph.D thesis before the examiners

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mizo Nula Lalhmangaihi Chhakchhuak in Philippines ah paper present dawn

Lalhmangaihi Chhakchhuak, Ph.D (Socio) Students

Nl. Lalhmangaihi Chhakchhuak D/o. Lalrinmawia Chhakchhuak (L), Chawlhhmun Aizawl tuna University of Hyderabad a Ph.D (Sociology) zirlai mek chuan Dt.17 May 2013 khian Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines a neih tur 5th SSEASR conference on Healing, Belief Systems, Cultures and Religions of South and Southeast Asia ah seminar paper a present dawn. He academic conference hi South and Southeast Asian Association for the Study of Culture and Religion (SSEASR) te buatsaih niin National Museum of the Philippines leh University of Santo Tomas, Manila ten nen a tangrual a huaihawt a ni. A paper present tur hi 'Understanding Healing: Notions of Medical and Religious Healing in Mizo Society' tih a ni. 5th SSEASR conference a Nl.Mahmangaihi'n seminar paper a present thei tur hi keini Mizo Post Graduate Students' Union: University of Hyderabad te chuan chhuanawm kan tiin Mizo fate tan a zirna lama hma kan sawn ve zelna entirtu pakhat niin kan hria a ni, tluang tak a paper a present theih nan duhsakna sangber kan hlan e.