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University of Hyderabad Entrance Examination 2014-15


P.O. Central University, Prof. C.R Rao Road, Gachibowli, Hyderabad – 500046

Dt. 4.12.2013


University of Hyderabad chuan kum 2014-2015 chhung atan Integrated M.A/M.Sc; MA; M.Sc; MCA; MFA; M.Phil; M.Tech; Ph.D etc. zir tum te tan 4 December 2013 - 4 January 2014 chhungin entrance exam form online a dil theihna hun a hawng leh ta. Application form hi ah tih theih a ni. India ram University dang zawng zawng te aiin University of Hyderabad hian admission form hi an tih chhuah hma avang leh a bikin Mizoram zirlai tam tak te’n admission ngaihven hun a kan la ngaih loh \hin avangin kum tin deuh thaw he University-ah hian zirlai tam takin admission an hmuh theih loh phah \hin a ni. Chungte a nih avang chuan Mizo zirlai final year zirlai 31st July 2014 a result chhuah hman beisei te chuan final exam la nei lo mahse entrance exam phalsak vek a ni. Integrated M.A/M.Sc hi Mizo te’n kan la hmelhriat vak lo mai thei a, hei hi class-12 zirzo tawh te’n Master degree  course kum 5 chhung (10 semester) a an zir theihna tur a ruahman a ni. A bak Master degree course leh research course ho erawh chu India ram University dang te ang bawk a kalpui a ni. Entrance exam centre hi India ramah 35 awmin Mizoram leh hmarchhak state zirlai te tan exam centre remchang te chu: PUC-Aizawl, Shillong, Guwahati, Imphal leh Dimapur te an ni. UoH hian tun tum entrance exam-ah hian cut-off mark a siam dawn lo a ni.


1) M.A and M.Sc courses (Five years Integrated course) in Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences

2) Post Graduate courses (4/6 semesters) in Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Art History, Communication, Business Administration in Health Care and Hospital Management, Health Psychology, Master of Computer Application and Master of Public Health

3) Adv. PG Diploma and PG Diploma in Folk Culture Studies, Mineral Exploration and Health      Communication

4) M.Tech programs (4 semesters) in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology (CA/IA/IT), Computational Techniques, Integrated Circuit Technology, Bioinformatics, Mineral Exploration, Materials Engineering and Nano Science and Technology

5) M.Phil programs (2 semesters) in Humanities and Social Science

6) Ph.D programs (2-5 years) in Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Dance, Communications, Theater Arts and Management Studies

7) Integrated/PhD in Biotechnology


Schedule Tribe (S.T) candidate tan entrance exam application fee hi Rs.150 a ni a, State Bank of India branch hrang hrang-ah challan siam mai tur niin challan siam man hi SBI-ah charge a awm lo ang. Tin, online banking pawn fee hi a pek theih bawk a ni.


(a)    RANKING & ACCREDITION: University of Hyderabad (UoH) hi 2nd October, 1974 khan Act of Parliament (Act No. 39 of 1974) in Central University turin a din a ni a, University Grants Commission(UGC) enkawlna hnuaiah awmin India ram a University \ha ber te zingah a tel pha in UGC hian ‘Universities with Potential for Excellence’ dinhmun a pe a ni. University ranking pe thintu National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) chuan UoH hi ranking a pek theih sangber top grade of A *****  (on a five-point scale A* to A*****) a pe mek a ni. International Bibliographic database lar tak SCOPUS chuan UoH hi India ram University No.1 ah ranking a pe a, kumin hian India Today chuan India ram University \ha a thlan chhuah zingah UoH hi South Region ah University thaber ah a lo puang tawh bawk a ni.  UoH hi Association of Indian Universities (AIU) leh Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) ah te member a ni bawk a ni. NISSAT (National Information System for Science and Technology) of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Government of India chuan UoH hi India ram University 50 zingah publications in citation - index journals a\ang a teh in ‘High Output – High Impact’ category ah a dah bawk a ni.

(b)   ACADEMIC: UoH ah hian subject leh course hrang hrang zirna department 46 leh study centre 11 awmin zirtirtu(faculty) 400 chuang leh zirlai 5000 chuang an awm mek a ni. University hian Library \ha tak Indira Gandhi Memorial Library neiin lekhabu leh reference materials 350,000 awmin 600 foreign journals leh 18,000 online journals leh  10 online databases zirlaite tan a subscribe mek bawk a ni. Zirna/chhiarna room bik AC hnuaih 24x7 in lehkha a zir theih a ni.

(c)    HOSTEL: UoH hi residential campus hrang a awm a nih avang in zirlai zawng zawng tan mipa leh hmeichhe tan Hostel \ha tak a awm a, hostel zawng zawng ah hian a thlawn in internet pek vek a ni bawk. Hostel admission fee ST tan course zir tur a zirin in ang lo hlek hlek \hin mahse course khat zel-ah hian Rs.2500-3000 inkar vel a ni tlangpui a, tin thlatin mess fee hi Rs.1000-Rs.2000 inkar a ni \hin bawk.

(d)   SPORTS FACILITIES: UoH hian zirlai te taksa leh rilru lama an lo hriselna a tan sports facilities changtlung tak a nei a, football field-1, basketball court-2, volleyball court-2, cricket ground-1, tennis court-3 bakah Indoor stadium chhungah Badminton court-5, gymnasium changtlung tak a nei bawk.

(e)    ADMISSION FEE: UoH-ah hian course zir tur azirin admission hi fee hi a in ang lo nuk a, admission fees tlangpui chu hetiang hi a  ni: Integrated M.A leh M.A course-ah hian Rs.3985, M.Sc/MPA/MFA ah Rs. 4935 – Rs. 5665, M.Phil-ah Rs.4640, Ph.D-ah Rs.4405-Rs.6085.

(f)     SUM SENSO NGAI ZAT: Master degree (P.G course) zirlai te tan hian a tlangpui thu in sum senso hi a hautak em em lo a, semester 1 (thla 6) chhung hian admission fee leh hostel mess fee zawng zawng leh khawchhung a veivahna nen a chhut in Rs.32,500 vel seng in lehkha a zir theih a ni.

Admission chungchang a thuzawhfiah duh neite tan Telephone no:  040-23132102, 040-23132103-ah te University of Hyderabad thuneitu te mai bakah Mizoram a\anga apply duh te tan Dazzlechips Cyber Café opposite HBC, Chanmari-ah tih theih a ni.

Mizo Post Graduate Students’ Union: University of Hyderabad te chuan kan Mizo zirlaipui ten University of Hyderabad-ah entrance exam hlawhtling tak an inziah tlin ngei kan duhsakin academic session tharah inlungrual taka lehkha kan zirho theih ngei nan admission chungchang a in\anpui ngai a nih pawn theihtawp chhuah kan inhuam reng e. Admission chungchangah hian heng Phone number-ah te hian Mizo zirlaite an biakpawh theih ang: +919862359658, +918985560023 (Leon) /+918414094693, +919989273397 (Didini). Email A hnuai a link hi hrechiang duh tan a en theih ang:

             Sd/-                                                                                                        Sd/-
    (LALDINPUII)                                                                        (LEON LALHRIATLIANA)
       Chairman                                                                                            Secretary

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