Thursday, April 28, 2011

University of Hyderabad Entrance Exam 2011 Press Release

University of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
P.O. Central University, Hyderabad-500046
Dt.28th .April.2011


            University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh-ah 2011-2012 session chung a admission tih tum te tan Prospectus-cum-Application Form Dt.12.April.2011 khan tih chhuah a ni a, SC/ST/PH tan Rs.150/-  in Academic Section, Office of Controller of Examination, University of Hyderabad-ah chah/lei theih a ni. Entrance Application form hi University website: ah online in download theih a ni bawk, online application form hmang tan Demand Draft Rs.75/- siam tel tur a ni. Entrance examination hi India ram chhunga Exam Centre hrang hrangah 1-7 June 2011 chhungin neih a ni dawn a, Mizoram atanga Exam tum te tan  Aizawl Centre- Pachhunga  University College -ah Exam theih a ni ang.

                        Application Form Counter-a hralh chhuah hun tawp:   Dt.6 May 2011

                        Application Form Dak (Post) a chah hun tawp:             Dt.2 May 2011

                        Application Form thehluh hun tawp (counter & post):  Dt.6 May 2011

University of Hyderabad-a Course hrang hrang zir theih te:

1. 5 Years Integrated M.A & M.Sc courses (10-Semesters): Hei hi Cl-XII(10+2) zir zo tan dil theih a ni. Social sciences, Humanities leh Sciences subject te zir theih a ni.

2. M.A. (4-semesters)- English, Philosophy, Hindi, Functional Hindi (Translation), Telegu, Urdu, Applied Linguistics, Economics, History, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology and Communication.

3. M.Sc. (4 –Semesters): Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics O.R., Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Plant Biology & Bio-Technology, Animal Bio-Technology,  Molecular Microbiology, Health Psychology, Biotechnology.

4. M.C.A (6-Semesters)

5. M.B.A (4-Semesters): Health Care and Hospital Management.

6. M.P.A. Dance (4-Semesters): Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam and Folk.

7. M.P.A Theatre Art (6-Semesters)

8. M.F.A (4-Semesters): Painting, Print Making and Sculpture, Art History.

9. Adv. P.G Diploma (2-Semesters): Folk Culture Studies, Mineral Exploration .

10. PG Diploma Courses (2-Semesters):  Counseling Psychology, Health Fitness and Lifestyle Management.                                                                                    

11. M.Tech (4-Semesters): Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Computational Technique, Integrated Circuit Technology, Bioinformatics, Mineral Exploration, Material Engineering.

12. M.Phil  (2 Semesters): Humanities, Social Sciences.

13. Ph.D (2-5 Years): Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences.

14. Integrated M.Tech/Ph.D (2-5 Years): Material Engineering, Nano Sciences and Technology.


Heng a chunga course hrang hrang zir theih kan tarlan te hi zir duh tan tuna Degree final year zirlai tan pawh dil thei a ni a, amaherawh chu 31 July 2011 hma in an degree certificate/result an nei kim hman tur  ani thung. Entrance Exam Hall ticket leh result information hi kumin atang hian dak ah thawn a ni tawh dawn lova, diltu chuan University website atanga mahni a download tawh tur ani dawn a ni. Entrance Examination leh Admission chungchang chipchiar zawk a hrechiang duh tan University of Hyderabad website: ah en theih a ni. Telephone (040) 23132103/23132102 emaw email: ah pawh zawh fiah thei reng a ni bawk.

University of Hyderabad hian zirlai zawng zawng (regular students) te hnenah thlatin fellowship a pe thin a, hei hian zirlai harsa zawk te tan pawh sum sen a ti ziaawmin  a tangkai em em a ni. Tun ah hian University of Hyderabad hi National Assessment and Accreditation Council(NAAC)  in A Grade (3.89 out of 4.0)  a pe a, tin, SCOPUS  in India rama University tha sawmhnih panga(25)  thlang chhuakin data assessment hmangin tehfung a siam a chutah chuan University of Hyderabad hi No.1 ranking pek a ni. Tin, khawvel a career and education network lar tak QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) chuan Best 200 Asian Universities a tih chhuah ah University of Hyderabad hi rank one ah a lang pha bawk a ni.