Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mama'n IIM ah paper present dawn

International Conference 2010 - 'Sustainability: Management and Beyond' IIM Shillong a neih mekah kan Secretary K. Lalromawia PhD (Management) chuan paper "ecotourism- a way to sustainable development for north east india" tih naktuk tlai ni 8.12.2010 hian a present dawn tluang taka a tih kan duhsak e.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MCS hnaruak dil theih

ADVERTISEMENT NO. 5 OF 2010 - 2011

A hnuaia tarlan ang hian Mizoram Sawrkar, Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms (CSW) hnuaiah Junior Grade of Mizoram Civil Service hna a ruak a, Mizoram Public Service Commission Office, New Capital Complex, Khatla, Aizawl-ah Ni 5.1.2011 thlengin Office kaini zing dar 10:00 atanga tlai dar 3:00 thlengin dilna thehluh theih a ni. Dilna Form hi Mizoram Public Service Commission Office, Aizawl-ah leh District hrang hrang a Deputy Commissioner Office-ah te lak chhuah theih a ni.
MCS (Junior Grade) Examination hi The Mizoram Civil Service (Competitive Examination) Regulations, 2007 Mizoram Sawrkarin a siam hmanga buatsaih tur a ni.
1. Hna hming : Mizoram Civil Service (Junior Grade)
2. Hnaruak : 10 posts (Sawm)
2. Department hming : Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms(CSW)
3. Hlawh-bi : Rs 10,000-325-15,200 /-p.m.
4. Thiamna ngaite : Graduate Degree or equivalent from a recognized University.Degree result nghak lai te pawhin dil theih a ni a.Amaherawhchu, personal Interview neih hunah an Original Certificate & Marksheet an neih theih loh chuan hnawl leh theih an ni ang.
5. Kum bithliah : Diltu chu Ni 5.1.2011ah kum 21 aia naupang lo, leh kum 35 aia upa lo a ni tur a ni. Upper age limit ah hian SC/ST candidate te chu kum 5 thleng ngaihhnatthiam theih an ni ang a, Sawrkar hnathawk lai te chu sawrkar dan dinglai angin upper age limitah hian kum 5 dang ngaihhnatthiam leh theih an ni ang.
Kum hi HSLC/HSSLC emaw a tlukpui examna certificate a tarlan bakah, Commission in Age Proof atana a pawm Document ami-te chauh pawm a ni ang.
Dilna feeApplication Form man telin Rs 210/-(or Rs 160/-SC/ST,OBC te tan)pawisa faia pein emaw, Secretary, Mizoram Public Service Commission hminga IPO (uncrossed) siamin emaw Treasury Challan hmang a Revenue Head- 0051-PSC, 102-State PSC(Examination Fee. etc) a deposit-in emaw dil tur a ni a. Dilna form leh pawisa pekna receipt/IPO/Treasury challan-te thehluh tur a ni a. Tin, Educational Certificate / Marksheet leh Tribe/Caste certificate(SC/ST te tan) attested copy vek te thehluh tel tur a ni.
Competitive Examna tur atana Subject thlan theihte:
Compulsory : (1) General English (2) General Studies ( Paper I & II ) (3) General Essay
Two Optional Subjects, (Paper I & II each) :- 1) Botany, 2) Chemistry, 3) Commerce & Accountancy,
4) Economics, 5) Education, 6) Forestry, 7) Geography, 8) English, 9) History, 10) Geology, 11) Home Science,
12) Law, 13) Mathematics, 14) Mizo, 15) Philosophy 16) Physics, 17) Zoology, 18) Political Science & International Relations, 19) Psychology, 20) Public Administration, 21) Sociology, 22) Anthropology, 23) Agriculture, 24) Civil Engineering, 25) Electrical Engineering, 26) Mechanical Engineering, 27) Statistics, 28) Medical Science 29) Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science.
Subject thlan kawp theih loh te : (a) Political Science & International Relations AND Public Administration
(b) Education AND Psychology (c) Anthropology AND Sociology
(d) Mathematics AND Statistics (e) Agriculture AND AH&Vety Science
(f) Of the Engineering Subjects viz, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering AND Mechanical Engineering - not more than one subject.
Optional subject vawikhat thlan tawh chu thlak leh theih a ni lo.
Sawrkar hnathawk lai te chuan proper channel-in an dil tur a ni.
Dilna famkim lo chu hnawl a ni ang. Hna diltute zingah dan kalha tlin tuma mahni emaw, midang emaw hmanga hma la an awm chuan an dilna hnawl sak an ni ang.
Hna diltu chuan Examna Centre a thlan (Aizawl/Lunglei/Champhai/Saiha/Serchhip) chiang takin a tarlang tur a ni.

Source- http://www.mpsc.mizoram.gov.in/?q=advertisement-no-5-2010-2011

Monday, November 22, 2010

UoH ranked number 1

Uoh chu Delhi’s Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies (NISTDS) in pakhatna ah a puang.

NISTDS Delhi in tun hnaia zir chianna a neih ah University of Hyderabad chu ram chung University te zinga tha ber ah a puang. National Institute of Science, Technology and Development hian Centre’s Department of Science and Technology,(DST) tanpuina in he research hi a kalpui a. University hrang hrang te chu an research publications neih zat leh chung te chu a thrat leh thrat loh hmanga buk an ni. University tam tak chuan nasa takin H-index score ah hma an sawn tih hmuh ani. H-index hi research beitu te leh institution hnathawh, an research paper ziah te research bei zirlai dang te tan hman/rin tlak ani em tih atanga tehna chikhat a ni.

NISTDS in DST hnena October thla a H-index a thawn hnuhnung berah University of Hyderabad chuan kum 2008 a H-index score 56 a hmuh avanga pakhatna a puan Delhi University (DU) chu a khum a. 2008 a Index score 54 a hmuh chu 62 lo kai chho tawh in, pakhatna dinhmun lo luah thin 61 score tu DU chu pakhatna dinhmun atangin a nek chuak ta a ni.

Top 5 Universities

Name of the University


University of Hyderabad


University of Delhi


Banaras Hindu University


Jadavpur University


Punjab University


University of Pune


Source- NISTDS letter to DST

University of Hyderabad QS in Asia khawmualpui a University tha 100 a thlan chhuahna ah 34na ani mek bawk.

QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) hi khawvel pum huapa global career an educational network hmahruaitu ber a ni. Teacher-student ratio tehna-ah university hi 5na ani a. NAAC in a tehna-ah University hian CGPA 97% nei in India ram chhung University te zingah a sang ber a ni.

Sources: Times of India and UoH website click the sources for more information

Saturday, November 20, 2010


*Special theme issue on Epigenetics*

Manuscript submission deadline
1st March 2011

Guest Editor
Graham Burdge, Institute of Human Nutrition/DOHaD Division, Southampton General Hospital, UK

Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease is a new multi-disciplinary journal linking basic science to applied science; focusing on how the environment during early animal and human development, and interactions between environmental and genetic factors, influence health and risk of disease in later life.

Scope of themed issue

There is growing evidence that changes in epigenetic processes are a key mechanism in the induction of stable phenotypes by environmental cues acting during early life.

Research into epigenetics and differential disease risk is at an early stage and so provides a considerable opportunity to make a substantial contribution to this field.

The purpose of this themed issue is to bring together insightful manuscripts on epigenetic processes in the early life origins of disease with novel research findings. Submitted papers may target, but are not limited to, the following issues and questions:

  • Mechanisms by which the early life environment can induce epigenetic change
  • How stable is the epigenome?
  • Can induced epigenetic changes be linked directly to future disease risk?

More information...

Submission Guidelines

Instructions for authors can be found at http://journals.cambridge.org/doh/ifc

Papers must be submitted online http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/dohad

Share this Call for Papers with your colleagues

Kind regards,
Jo Rennie
Cambridge Journals

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mizo scholar pahnih in Pre-Submission Seminar nei

Dt.15.11.2010 Monday khan Tv.Malsawmdawngliana Lailung Ph.D (Hist) zirlai chuan Department of History, University of Hyderabad ah Thesis Pre-Submission seminar tluang takin a nei. Hemi ni vek hian Nl.Vanlalhruaitluangi M.Phil(Hist) pawh in Thesis Pre-Submission Seminar tluang takin a nei ve bawk. Mizo Scholar pahnih- Tv.Sawmtea (Ph.D) leh Nl.Mahruaii (M.Phil) ten Thesis Pre-Submission seminar tluang taka an nei thei hi kan lawmpui in tha taka submission pawh an neih thuai kan duhsak e.
*Tunlai hian University of Hyderabad a Mizo zirlai Post-Graduate Course leh M.Phil Course work zirlai ten End Semester Exam nei mek. Result tha tak an neih kan duhsak e.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mizo Scholar Nula Chhuanawm

Nl.C.Lalrozami (Zamtei) D/o.Lalringliana, Ph.D (Communication), Department of Communication, University of Hyderabad a zirlai mek chuan Chiang Mai University (RCSD), Thailand-a 'Asian Borderlands: Enclosure, Interaction and Transformation' tih thupui hmanga 2nd Conference of the Asian Borderlands Research Network, Dt.5-7 November 2010 chhunga neih tur a Paper present turin Hyderabad khawpui chhuahsanin Thailand ah a thang mek. Nl.Zamtei paper present tur "On the discursive and the material context of the first written Lushai newspaper 'Mizo Chanchin Laisuih' 1898" hi a research supervisor Dr.P.Thirumal nena Joint paper an buatsaih a ni. Tha taka paper a present theih nan duhsakna kan hlan a, Mizo zirlai international huap a paper present kan nei hi kan lawmpuiin kan chhuang em em a ni.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

UGC-JRF hmuthar leh Ph.D zo

UGC JRF-NET exam hnuhnung berah khan kan member pathum te chu JRF an tling..

P.C.Laltanpuia- MA History,
R.Lalhruailiana-MA Sociology, (tunah M.Phil zir mek)
Lalhmangaihi Chhakchhuak-MA Sociology (tunah M.Phil zir mek)

Anni pathum te hlawhtlinna hi kan lawmpuiin kan chhuang hle. Hetih lai hian Kan senior te pahnih - H.Vanlalhruaia leh Hmingthanzuali te chuan Ph.D (History) thesis submit fel in Zoram min pan san ta bawk.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We (Mizo students) perfomed one of the most beautiful cultural dances 'Cheraw' at North East Cultural Night organized by North East Students' Forum, University of Hyderabad.
Venue: DST Auditorium, University of Hyderabad.Dt.22.2.2010

Video can be also watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osj7GuvoCSM

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Tv. H. Lalhruaitluanga s/o Lalrithanga, Ph.D (Plant Science) zirlai chu a Research Paper ziah "Lead(II) adsorption from aqueous solutions by raw and activated charcoals of Melocanna baccifera Roxburgh(bamboo) a comparative study" tih chu School of Life Sciences, University of Hyderabad hnuaia paper publish tha ber a thlan a ni. Tv Mahruaia hi vawiin Dt.18.09.2010 hian Pro-Vice Chancellor, University of Hyderabad in Best Research Paper Award in School of Life Sciences a hlan a ni. He award hian chawimawina Certificate leh pawisa fai akengtel a ni. A paper ziah hian khawvel paper publish neitha tehna impact factor 4.145 point above a hmu pha ani. Impact factor hi kan hriatthiam dan tur chuan khawvel research paper tha ber ber tehfung atan a siam ani a, India rama kan Journal neih that ber berte ah te hian impact factor 1 point hmupha pawh tlem te an awm a ni. Hetianga Mizo zirlai in University of Hyderabad chawimawina a dawng hi kan lawmpuiin impact factor sang tak hmu a research paper publish thei hi Mizo zirlai University dang a mite ngaihtuah pawh in kan tam awm love. Tv. Mahruaia hi kan chhuangin kan lawmpui em em a ni.

Tv. Mahruaia hi vawiin vek khan Central European Congress of Life Sciences Eurobiotech 2010, Krakow, Poland a Dt.20-22 September 2010 a neih tur ah paper present turin Hyderabad a chhuahsan a ni. A paper present tur hi "Potential use of Melocanna baccifera (Bamboo) raw and activated charcoals for removal of Cd(II) from aqueous solutions" tih a ni. Seminar paper present tura a kal mai bakah hian, a research project atan Germany, France leh Belgium ah te a kal kual nghal bawk dawn a ni.

Kan University Mizo Scholar chhuanvawr Tv. Mahruaia hi tluangtaka a tihturte a tih theih nan leh dam taka alo haw leh theih nan duhsakna kan hlan e.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

UoH Entrance Examination Result 2010-2011

2010-2011 University of Hyderabad Entrance Examination Result (Written) chhuak atanga Mizo hnahthlak hming lang kan hriattheih te:

Ph.D (Physics)
Interview Date:9 July
Lalrinsanga Hnamte

Ph.D (Biotechnology)
Interview Date:8 July
Liansangmawii Chhakchhuak

Ph.D (Pol.Sc)
Interview Date:7 July

Ph.D (English)
Interview Date:8 July

Interview Date:7 July
Janet C.Lalhmingpu

M.Phil (English)
Interview Date:6&& July
Esther Lalparmawii
Lydia Vanlalringi

M.Phil (Hist)
Interview Date:6 July
Lalmuankimi Ralte
Nancy Lalrinawmi Rokhum

Interview Date:6 July
Lalhmangaihi Chhakchhuak

M.Phil (Pol.Sc)
Interview Date:6 July
Lalnundika Hnamte
Augustine Malsawmdawngliani

M.Phil (Regional Studies)
Interview Date:9 July

M.Phil (Indian Diaspora)
Interview Date:8 July

Interview Date:8 July
Robert Lalchhandama Colney
Esther Lalparmawii

M.Phil (Gender Studies)
Interview Date:11 July
Lalmuankimi Ralte
Nancy Lalrinmawii Rokhum

Interview Date:6-8 July
Lalrinawma Vanchhawng

M.Sc (Health Psychology)
Interview Date:9 July
Emily Lalnuntluangi

M.Sc (Physics)
Interview Date:6 July
Francis Lalnunsanga

M.Sc (Statistics O.R)
Interview Date:6 July

I.M.A (Social Science)
Interview Date:10 July
Nelson Hlychho
Vanlalhumi Ralte

I.M.A (Humanities)
Interview Date:11 July
Mary Lalrinsangi
Vanlalhumi Ralte

Date of Admission-10&14 July
Nancy Lawmsangzeli (ST-2)
Chrissie Lalhmuthara (ST-3)
Waiting List- Reporting Date-Dt.17 July
V.Thanzuali (Gen-2, ST-4)

M.A (Sociology)
Date of Admission-10&14 July
Nancy Lawmsangzeli (ST-3)
B.Lalnunfima (Defence Personal Ward)
Waiting List-Reporting Date-Dt.17 July
Lalhruaitluangi (ST-1)
Fidelia Lalnunnem (ST-5)

M.A (Phillosophy)
Date of Admission-9&13July
B.Lianngura (ST-2)

M.A (Applied Linguistic)
Date of Admission-9&13 July
Lydia Vanlalsiami Khiangte (Gen-13)
Waiting List- Reporting Date-Dt.15 July
Lalhmingmawia (ST-1)

M.A (English)
Date of Admission-9&13 July
Lalhruaitluangi (Gen-12)
Lalrinawmi (Gen-19)
C.Lalrindiki (ST-1)

Reporting Date-Dt.17 July
Waiting List-R.Lalbiakzuala (ST-2)

*Ph.D, M.Phil, I.M.A, M.A (Comm) ,M.Sc (Phy,Stat OR,Health Psy etc) te hian Personal Interview an la hmachawn leh dawn a ni.

**Interview tur a koh tih loh candidate tling thar admission tih tur a lo kal tur te tan original Documents (Marksheets, Degree Certificates, Birth Certificate, Residential Certificates, Tribe /ST Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Testimonial Certificates/Provisional certificates, University Migration Certificates, etc.) leh Passport Size Photograph 10 aia tlem lo ken tel nghal ngei ngei tur a ni.

Tih dik loh leh hmuh hmaih palh kan lo nei anih chuan chiang zawkin University of Hyderabad Website: www.uohyd.ernet.in ah hian enfiah theih reng a ni e.

Admission chungchang a thuzawh fiah tur emaw harsatna nei tan a hnuaia kan tarlan ah hian biak pawh theih anni bawk:
Phone nos. 040-23132103, 23132102, 23132101.
Email: acadinfo@uohyd.ernet.in

Friday, June 25, 2010

XII Convocation, University of Hyderabad

Dt.22 June 2010(Tuesday) khan University of Hyderabad Convocation vawi 12-na chu Shipakala Vedika, Near Hi-tech City, Madhapur, Hyderabad ah tluang takin neih a ni. Convocation ah hian Chief Guest ah Shri. M.Hamid Ansari, Hon'ble Vice President of India niin His Excellency Governor of Andhra Pradesh Shri.E. S. L. Narasimhan, University Chief Rector ni bawk chuan Meritorious Students te hnenah medal a hlan a, Dr.R.Chidambaram, Chancellor of University of Hyderabad in he convocation hi a kaihruai a ni. Vice-Chancellor Prof. Seyed E. Hasnain in UoH in hlawhtlinna leh hmasawnna kawng hrang hrang a neih te a tarlang bawk.

XIIth Convocation a Mizo zirlai degree dawng thar te:
2008 Batch
1.Lalchhuanawma. M.Phil (Hist)
2.Lalzarzoa, M.Phil (Hist)
3.Laldinpuii, M.A (Eng), ST Gold Medalist
4.K.Lalhmingliani, M.A (Pol.Sc)
5.Mary Buansing, M.A (Eng)

2009 Batch
1.V.Laldinpuii, M.A (Soc)
2.V.L Hruaitluangi, M.A (Hist)
3. Babie Lalsangzeli, M.A (Eng)
4. Lalremruati Khiangte, M.A (Communication), ST Gold Medalist
5. Jessie Rualkhumi Jinhlawng, M.A (Eng)

Anni bakah hian Convocation a mahni kal thei lo(absentees) Mizo zirlai dang degree dawngthar an awm bawk.
2008 Batch
Jordanthangi, M.A (Hist)
2009 Batch
Zoramdini, M.B.A
Zosangpuii, M.A (Pol.Sc)
Chingngaih Vualnam, M.A (History) te an ni.

He Convocation ah hian Zirlai 942 (158-M.Phil, 121-M.Tech and 82-Ph.D telin) hnenah degree hlan niin an zinga 78 te hnenah Medal pek an ni. Honorary Doctorate Degree heng mite hnenah hian hlan anni bawk:-
1.Shri.C Rangarajan, Chairman of PM's Economic Advisory Council,
2.Shri.Mohammed Khan Shaharyar, Eminent Urdu Poet,
3.Raja Reddy, Eminent Kuchipudi dancer
4.Radha Reddy, Eminent Kuchipudi dancer

Monday, May 31, 2010

University of Hyderabad is ranked one of the best Asian Universities

Scopus rankingah India ram Univ thaber nihna kan hauh tawh a. A vawikhatnan Asian Top 200 University-ah kan lang pha ve leh ta. A zirchhuak a te hi enge kan an ve zel le?

University of Hyderabad is ranked one of the best Asian Universities

The University of Hyderabad has suddenly appeared for the first time in global rankings of the Best 200 Asian Universities, as per the rankings released by QS Asian Universities. QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) is a leading global career and education network. The rankings indicate that an International outlook adds considerably to the reputation and status of Universities in the region.

This is the first time that University of Hyderabad is featured in the rankings. The rankings have listed Asia's top 200 Universities, where 12 Indian Institutions figure,including 7 IIT's and 5 Universities. Among the IIT's, IIT Bombay is highest ranked at
36 and among the Universities, University of Delhi is ranked at 67 (slipped from 60th position last year), University of Mumbai at 96, University of Calcutta at 99 and University of Pune at 109. University of Hyderabad is at 81.

The University achieved this slot by securing a score of 60.5 and is categorised as having "Very High Research Activity in Specialist Areas".

In total 11 countries are represented in the top 200, with Japanese Universities occupying 57 of the top 200 and 5 of the top 10 in this year's table. Measuring factors include the quality of research through citations, the proportion of International students and staff. The parameters include, assessing a combination of regional and International factors, such as Peer and Recruiter reviews, the International research capabilities of the Institutions, teaching quality, student-teacher ratio and Internationalisation of the staff and students, among others.
Commenting on the University of Hyderabad's distinction, Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Seyed E. Hasnain, said that the dedication and hard work of University faculty, students and Non-teaching staff is solely responsible for breaking into the top 100 rank from being nowhere so far. He also said that, UoH is striving hard to become one of the best Universities in the World.

Source: http://www.topuniversities.com/university-rankings/asian-university-rankings/overall

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Notification for XII Convocation of University of Hyderabad

XII Convocation of the University of Hyderabad will be held on June 22, 2010 (Tuesday). Batch of 1.4.2008 and upto 31.3.2010 may apply to obtain their degrees either 'in person' at the convocation or 'in absentia'! Last date of application submission:8.6.2010.

In details :
Courtesy: The Hindu (27 May 2010)
Download Link click here: Notification & Application form

Friday, April 9, 2010

University of Hyderabad Entrance Test 2010-2011

University of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
P.O.Central University, Hyderabad-500046


University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh-ah 2010-2011 session chung a admission tih tum te tan Prospectus-cum-Application Form Dt.7.April.2010 khan tih chhuah a ni a, SC/ST/PH tan Rs.150/- in Academic Section, Office of Controller of Examination, University of Hyderabad-ah chah/lei theih a ni. Entrance Application form hi University website: www.uohyd.ernet.in ah online in download theih a ni bawk. Entrance examination hi India ram chhunga Exam Centre hrang hrangah June ni 1 atanga ni 7 chhungin neih a ni dawn a, Mizoram atanga Exam tum te tan Aizawl Centre- Pachhunga University College -ah Exam theih a ni ang.

Application Form Counter-a hralh chhuah hun tawp: Dt.3.May.2010
Application Form Dak (Post) a chah hun tawp: Dt.26.April.2010
Application Form thehluh hun tawp (counter & post): Dt.3.May.2010

University of Hyderabad-a Course hrang hrang zir theih te:
1. 5 Years Integrated M.A & M.Sc courses(10-Semesters): Hei hi Cl-XII(10+2) zir zo tan dil theih a ni. Social sciences, Humanities leh Sciences subject te zir theih a ni.
2. M.A. (4-semesters)- English, Philosophy, Hindi, Functional Hindi (Translation), Telegu, Urdu, Applied Linguistics, Economics, History, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology and Communication.
3. M.Sc. (4 –Semesters): Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics O.R., Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Plant Biology & Bio-Technology, Animal Bio-Technology, Molecular Microbiology, Health Psychology, Biotechnology.
4. M.C.A (6-Semesters)
5. M.B.A (4-Semesters): Health Care and Hospital Management.
6. M.P.A. Dance (4-Semesters): Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam and Folk.
7. M.P.A Theatre Art (6-Semesters)
8. M.F.A (4-Semesters): Painting, Print Making and Sculpture, Art History.
9. Adv. P.G Diploma (2-Semesters): Folk Culture Studies, Mineral Exploration .
10. PG Diploma Courses (2-Semesters): Counseling Psychology, Health Fitness and Lifestyle Management
11. M.Tech (4-Semesters): Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Computational Technique, Integrated Circuit Technology, Bioinformatics, Mineral Exploration, Material Engineering.
12. M.Phil (2 Semesters): Humanities, Social Sciences.
13. Ph.D (2-5 Years): Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences.
14. Integrated M.Tech/Ph.D (2-5 Years): Material Engineering, Nano Sciences and Technology.

Heng kan tarlan bak ah hian Entrance Examination leh Admission chungchang chipchiar zawk a hrechiang duh tan University of Hyderabad website: www.uohyd.ernet.in ah en theih a ni e.

University of Hyderabad hian zirlai zawng zawng(regular students) te hnenah thlatin fellowship a pe thin a, hei hian zirlai harsa zawk te tan pawh sum sen a ti ziaawmin a tangkai em em a ni. Tun ah hian University of Hyderabad hi National Assessment and Accreditation Council(NAAC) in A Grade (3.89 out of 4.0) a pe a, tin, SCOPUS in India rama University tha sawmhnih panga(25) thlang chhuakin data assessment hmangin tehfung a siam a chutah chuan University of Hyderabad hi No.1 ranking pek a ni.





Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sangtea'n GATE a paltlang

Lalrinsanga aka Sangte-a chuan All India exam Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) a paltlanga kan lawmpuiin kan chhuang hle. Tunah hian Sangte-a hian MSc (Physics) a bei mek a ni.

Achhuana leh Taite-a Seminar pe turin fehchhuak dawn.

NATIONAL SEMINAR on IDENTITY AT THE MARGINS, DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH, FACULTY OF ARTS, MS UNIVERSITY OF BARODA in a buatsaih. Ni 19-20 March 2010-a neih turah Tv.Lalchhuanawma (Achhuana) chuan paper a zuk present dawn. Tluang taka a a tih kan duhsakin kan chhuang hle.

Mumbai lamah Tv.H.Vanlalhruaia(Taite-a) hian International Conference on South Asia, University of Mumbai-ah paper a zuk pe dawn bawk. Tha deuh-a an pek kan duhsak e.

Friday, March 12, 2010

North East Cultural Night 2010

"Experience North East"
North East Cultural Night 2010
Venue: DST Auditorium, University of Hyderabad
Time: Dt.22nd. February.2010(Monday), 5:30 p.m
Chief Guest: Dr.Christina Zothanpari Chongthu, IAS
Organized by North East Students' Forum, University of Hyderabad

Cheraw- Mizoram Students

Cheraw- Mizo students
Bodo Students(Assam)

Audience at the DST Auditorium
Naga Students(Nagaland)

Manipur Students
Costume Parade by North East Students

Mizo Couple
Mizo Couple
Mizo Couple
Mizo Couple
Assam Students

Khasi Students (Meghalaya)

Duet-Mizoram Students

Choir- Mizoram Students

Here we are!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Night Cup, Feb 2010 University of Hyderabad

Kumtin kan neih thin angin, February 2010 thla hian Night Cup an tih mai thin chu University of Hyderabad-ah neih leh a ni. Mizo zirlai pawh, team 3 zet an chhuak a, team hmingah hian, Zonu &Zopa a ni.

Vanduai thlak takin Zopa team pahnih- (Zopa A leh Zopa B) hi second round-ah an insu nghal a. Zopa A te chuan quater finalah Kerela student te an hneh ta lo a ni.

Zonu te erawh an chetha hle thung a. Final-ah Foreign students, (Study India Programme) a mi te an hneh ta lo a ni. Final phei hi chu, Night cup tih lemah tlai khaw en laiin an khel....Night cup ami photo hrang hrang chu ka han dah e...!!

Photo Copyright@MPGSU, University of Hyderabad.