Saturday, December 22, 2012

University of Hyderabad Admission Notification 2013-2014

University of Hyderabad chuan kum 2013-2014 atan admission a hawng leh ta. Admission notice ah hian heng a hnuaia program leh course te hi a zir theih e:-

1) MA and MSc courses (Five years Integrated course) in Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences 
2) Post Graduate courses (4/6 semesters) in Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Art History, Commmunication, Business Administration in Health Care and Hospital Management, Health Psychology, Master of Computer Application and Master of Public Health
3) Adv. PG Diploma and PG Diploma in Folk Culture Studies, Mineral Exploration and Health      Communication
4) MTech programs (4 semesters) in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology (CA/IA/IT), Computational Techniques, Integrated Circuit Technology, Bioinformatics, Mineral Exploration, Materials Engineering and Nano Science and Technology
5) MPhil programs (2 semesters) in Humanities and Social Science 
6) PhD programs (2-5 years) in Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Dance, Communications, Theater Arts and Management Studies 
7) Integrated/PhD in Biotechnology 

Application form hi 21st December, 2012 - 28th January, 2013 tleng a thehluh theih a ni. Kum dang aiin admission notice a chhuah hma avangin kan naute, kan thiante leh hmelhriat luh tum te kan hrilhdarh vat dawn nia. Admission form leh Prospectus hi University of Hyderabad link a hnuaia kan tarlan atang hian download theh a ni e:

 Tin, admission chungchangah hrechiang duh chuan heng a hnuaia Telephone number ah te hian a zawh fiah theih reng e:

040-23132102, 040-23132103
PS: UoH ah kher lo pawh phai a lehkha zir tum tan Mizoram a final exam zawh hma in ngaihven lawk vek a ngai thin, Mizoram academic calendar hi a tlai thin avangin result a chhuah meuh chuan phailamah admission zawnna tur a vang tlat thin. Tin, entrance exam hi final year result la hre lo tan pawh apply theih vek a ni.