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P.O. Central University, Prof. C.R Rao Road, Gachibowli, Hyderabad – 500046

Dt. 10.04.2018

University of Hyderabad chuan kum 2018-2019 chhung atan Integrated M.A/M.Sc, MA, M.Sc, MCA, MFA, M.Phil, M.Tech, Ph.D, etc. zir tum te tan 5th April, 2018 – 5th May, 2018 chhungin entrance exam online a dil theihna hun a hawng leh ta.

Application hi online in ah tih theih a ni. Scheduled Tribe (ST) students tan chuan Post-Graduate course leh 5 year Integrated course luh nan hian Qualification ah "Pass" a tawk. Scheduled Tribe (ST) candidate tan entrance exam application fee hi Rs.250 a ni a, online banking (debit card, credit card leh internet banking) hmangin fee hi a pek theih a ni a. Apply tur te tan passport size photo digital (scanned) copy 50kb (jpg) leh scanned signature20kb (jpg) leh a remchan chuan, tribal certificate scanned copy 200kb (jpg) neih tel tur a ni bawk.
Exam hun leh hriattur dang pawimawhte chu university academic website atang a en theih ang. Tin, Prospectus 2018-19 pawh hemi site ah vek hian hmuh theihin a awm bawk a ni.

HALL TICKET hetah hian download theih a ni e. Exam hun/date & time leh rules and regulations kimchang taka tarlan bawk a ni.

Entrance exam centre hi India ramah 38 awmin Mizoram leh hmarchhak state zirlai te tan exam centre remchang te chu: Pachhunga University College, College Veng, Aizawl, Mizoram – 796001, bakah Shillong, Guwahati, Imphal leh Dimapur te an ni.


1. I.M.A in Social Sciences & Humanities (Hindi & Language Sciences), I.M.Sc courses (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Systems Biology & Health Psychology). Integrated M.A/M.Sc hi Mizo te’n kan la hmelhriat vak lo maithei a, hei hi class-12 zirzo tawh te’n Master degree course kum 5 chhung (10 semester) a an zir theihna tur a ruahman a ni a, Bachelor degree a keng tel nghal bawk a ni. Kum 3 hnuah duh chuan Bachelor degree nen a chhuah (exit) theih a ni.

2. Post Graduate courses (4/6 semesters) in Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Performing  Arts, Fine Arts, Art History, Communication, Master of Business Administration in Health Care and Hospital Management, M.B.A (Business Analytics), Health Psychology, Master of Computer Application and Master of Public Health.

3. M.Tech programs (4 semesters) in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology (CA/IA/IT), Computational Techniques, Integrated Circuit Technology, Bioinformatics, Mineral Exploration, Materials Engineering and Nano Science and Technology.

4. M.Phil programs (3 semesters) in Humanities and Social Sciences.

6. Ph.D programs (3-5 years) in Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Dance, Communications, Theatre Arts and Management Studies.

7. Integrated M.Sc/PhD in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.

8. Integrated M.Sc/PhD in Biotechnology.

**Scheduled Tribe (ST) tan hian course tinah seat awm sa atangin 7.5%  hauhsak kan ni**


 (a) RANKING: Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India hnuaia National Institutional Ranking Framework in tehna fung hrang hrang - Teaching, Learning & Resources (TLR), Research, Professional Practice & Collaborative Performance (RPC), Graduation Outcomes (GO), Outreach (OI) leh Perception - hmanga endik hnua India rama University tha a thlan chhuah zingah University of Hyderabad chuan 5th position a chelh a ni.
   University Grants Commission (UGC) hnuaia Apex Council of NAAC (National Assessment & Accreditation Council) chuan 4.0 CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) scale ah 3.72 (grade ‘A’) kum 5 chhung atan a pe bawk a ni.

 (b) ACADEMIC: UoH ah hian subject leh course hrang hrang zirna school 12 awmin heng school hnuaiah hian department leh centre a belhkhawmin 40 a awm a, zirtirtu (faculty) 400 dawn leh zirlai 5000 chuang an awm mek a ni. University hian Library tha tak, Indira Gandhi Memorial Library neiin lekhabu leh reference materials 350,000 awmin 600 foreign journals leh 18,000 online journals leh  10 online databases zirlaite tan a subscribe mek bawk a ni. Zirna/chhiarna room bik AC hnuaiah 24x7 in lehkha a zir theih a ni.

 (c) HOSTEL: UoH hi residential campus hrang a awm a nih avang in zirlai zawng zawng tan mipa leh hmeichhe tan Hostel tha tak a awm a, hostel zawng zawng ah hian a thlawn in internet pek vek a ni bawk. Hostel admission fee ST tan course khat zel-ah hian Rs.2500-3000 inkar vel a ni tlangpui a, tin thlatin mess fee hi Rs.1500-Rs.2500 inkar a ni thin bawk.

 (d) SPORTS FACILITIES: UoH hian zirlai te taksa leh rilru lama an lo hriselna atan sports facilities changtlung tak a nei a, football field-2, basketball court-3, volleyball court-3, cricket ground-1, tennis court-2, race track bakah Indoor stadium chhungah Badminton court-4, gymnasium changtlung tak a nei bawk.

 (e) ADMISSION FEE: UoH-ah hian course zir tur azirin admission hi fee hi a inang lo a, admission fees tlangpui chu Prospectus 2018-2019 phek (page) 28-na ah en theih a ni.

 (f) SUM SENSO NGAI ZAT: Master degree (P.G course) zirlai te tan hian a tlangpui thu in sum senso hi a hautak em em lo a, semester 1 (thla 6) chhung hian admission fee leh hostel mess fee zawng zawng leh khawchhung a veivahna nen a chhut in Rs.30,000 vel seng in lehkha a zir theih a ni.

Admission chungchang a thu zawhfiah duh neite tan Telephone no: 040-23132102, 040-23132103-ah te University of Hyderabad thuneitu te a biakpawh theih a ni.

Mizo Post Graduate Students’ Union: University of Hyderabad te chuan kan Mizo zirlaipui ten University of Hyderabad-ah entrance exam hlawhtling taka an inziah tlin ngei kan duhsakin academic session tharah inlungrual taka lehkha kan zirho theih ngei nan admission chungchang a intanpui a ngai a nih pawn theihtawp chhuah kan inhuam reng e. Admission chungchangah hian heng Phone number-ah te hian Mizo zirlaite an biakpawh theih ang:

Lalruatfela Chawngthu (Chairman):  +917680933507
Anthony Lalchhuanmawia (General Secretary): +918837229372
Juliet F. Lalzarzoliani (Treasurer): +919704672723

C.Vanlalhruaii  (Assn. Prof, Health Psychology): +917799327569

N. Malsawmtluangi (Ph.D Physics): +919542966061
Vanlalvenpuia  (Ph.D Philosophy): +917382452976
Teresi Lalmuanawmi (Ph.D Linguistics): +917005944906
R. Lalnuntluangi  (Ph.D Health Psychology): +918790969232


                    sd/-                                                                                           sd/-
LALRUATFELA CHAWNGTHU                                          JULIET F. LALZARZOLIANI
            (Chairman)                                                                               (Treasurer)


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