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MCS hnaruak dil theih

ADVERTISEMENT NO. 5 OF 2010 - 2011

A hnuaia tarlan ang hian Mizoram Sawrkar, Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms (CSW) hnuaiah Junior Grade of Mizoram Civil Service hna a ruak a, Mizoram Public Service Commission Office, New Capital Complex, Khatla, Aizawl-ah Ni 5.1.2011 thlengin Office kaini zing dar 10:00 atanga tlai dar 3:00 thlengin dilna thehluh theih a ni. Dilna Form hi Mizoram Public Service Commission Office, Aizawl-ah leh District hrang hrang a Deputy Commissioner Office-ah te lak chhuah theih a ni.
MCS (Junior Grade) Examination hi The Mizoram Civil Service (Competitive Examination) Regulations, 2007 Mizoram Sawrkarin a siam hmanga buatsaih tur a ni.
1. Hna hming : Mizoram Civil Service (Junior Grade)
2. Hnaruak : 10 posts (Sawm)
2. Department hming : Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms(CSW)
3. Hlawh-bi : Rs 10,000-325-15,200 /-p.m.
4. Thiamna ngaite : Graduate Degree or equivalent from a recognized University.Degree result nghak lai te pawhin dil theih a ni a.Amaherawhchu, personal Interview neih hunah an Original Certificate & Marksheet an neih theih loh chuan hnawl leh theih an ni ang.
5. Kum bithliah : Diltu chu Ni 5.1.2011ah kum 21 aia naupang lo, leh kum 35 aia upa lo a ni tur a ni. Upper age limit ah hian SC/ST candidate te chu kum 5 thleng ngaihhnatthiam theih an ni ang a, Sawrkar hnathawk lai te chu sawrkar dan dinglai angin upper age limitah hian kum 5 dang ngaihhnatthiam leh theih an ni ang.
Kum hi HSLC/HSSLC emaw a tlukpui examna certificate a tarlan bakah, Commission in Age Proof atana a pawm Document ami-te chauh pawm a ni ang.
Dilna feeApplication Form man telin Rs 210/-(or Rs 160/-SC/ST,OBC te tan)pawisa faia pein emaw, Secretary, Mizoram Public Service Commission hminga IPO (uncrossed) siamin emaw Treasury Challan hmang a Revenue Head- 0051-PSC, 102-State PSC(Examination Fee. etc) a deposit-in emaw dil tur a ni a. Dilna form leh pawisa pekna receipt/IPO/Treasury challan-te thehluh tur a ni a. Tin, Educational Certificate / Marksheet leh Tribe/Caste certificate(SC/ST te tan) attested copy vek te thehluh tel tur a ni.
Competitive Examna tur atana Subject thlan theihte:
Compulsory : (1) General English (2) General Studies ( Paper I & II ) (3) General Essay
Two Optional Subjects, (Paper I & II each) :- 1) Botany, 2) Chemistry, 3) Commerce & Accountancy,
4) Economics, 5) Education, 6) Forestry, 7) Geography, 8) English, 9) History, 10) Geology, 11) Home Science,
12) Law, 13) Mathematics, 14) Mizo, 15) Philosophy 16) Physics, 17) Zoology, 18) Political Science & International Relations, 19) Psychology, 20) Public Administration, 21) Sociology, 22) Anthropology, 23) Agriculture, 24) Civil Engineering, 25) Electrical Engineering, 26) Mechanical Engineering, 27) Statistics, 28) Medical Science 29) Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science.
Subject thlan kawp theih loh te : (a) Political Science & International Relations AND Public Administration
(b) Education AND Psychology (c) Anthropology AND Sociology
(d) Mathematics AND Statistics (e) Agriculture AND AH&Vety Science
(f) Of the Engineering Subjects viz, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering AND Mechanical Engineering - not more than one subject.
Optional subject vawikhat thlan tawh chu thlak leh theih a ni lo.
Sawrkar hnathawk lai te chuan proper channel-in an dil tur a ni.
Dilna famkim lo chu hnawl a ni ang. Hna diltute zingah dan kalha tlin tuma mahni emaw, midang emaw hmanga hma la an awm chuan an dilna hnawl sak an ni ang.
Hna diltu chuan Examna Centre a thlan (Aizawl/Lunglei/Champhai/Saiha/Serchhip) chiang takin a tarlang tur a ni.

Source- http://www.mpsc.mizoram.gov.in/?q=advertisement-no-5-2010-2011

Monday, November 22, 2010

UoH ranked number 1

Uoh chu Delhi’s Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies (NISTDS) in pakhatna ah a puang.

NISTDS Delhi in tun hnaia zir chianna a neih ah University of Hyderabad chu ram chung University te zinga tha ber ah a puang. National Institute of Science, Technology and Development hian Centre’s Department of Science and Technology,(DST) tanpuina in he research hi a kalpui a. University hrang hrang te chu an research publications neih zat leh chung te chu a thrat leh thrat loh hmanga buk an ni. University tam tak chuan nasa takin H-index score ah hma an sawn tih hmuh ani. H-index hi research beitu te leh institution hnathawh, an research paper ziah te research bei zirlai dang te tan hman/rin tlak ani em tih atanga tehna chikhat a ni.

NISTDS in DST hnena October thla a H-index a thawn hnuhnung berah University of Hyderabad chuan kum 2008 a H-index score 56 a hmuh avanga pakhatna a puan Delhi University (DU) chu a khum a. 2008 a Index score 54 a hmuh chu 62 lo kai chho tawh in, pakhatna dinhmun lo luah thin 61 score tu DU chu pakhatna dinhmun atangin a nek chuak ta a ni.

Top 5 Universities

Name of the University


University of Hyderabad


University of Delhi


Banaras Hindu University


Jadavpur University


Punjab University


University of Pune


Source- NISTDS letter to DST

University of Hyderabad QS in Asia khawmualpui a University tha 100 a thlan chhuahna ah 34na ani mek bawk.

QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) hi khawvel pum huapa global career an educational network hmahruaitu ber a ni. Teacher-student ratio tehna-ah university hi 5na ani a. NAAC in a tehna-ah University hian CGPA 97% nei in India ram chhung University te zingah a sang ber a ni.

Sources: Times of India and UoH website click the sources for more information

Saturday, November 20, 2010


*Special theme issue on Epigenetics*

Manuscript submission deadline
1st March 2011

Guest Editor
Graham Burdge, Institute of Human Nutrition/DOHaD Division, Southampton General Hospital, UK

Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease is a new multi-disciplinary journal linking basic science to applied science; focusing on how the environment during early animal and human development, and interactions between environmental and genetic factors, influence health and risk of disease in later life.

Scope of themed issue

There is growing evidence that changes in epigenetic processes are a key mechanism in the induction of stable phenotypes by environmental cues acting during early life.

Research into epigenetics and differential disease risk is at an early stage and so provides a considerable opportunity to make a substantial contribution to this field.

The purpose of this themed issue is to bring together insightful manuscripts on epigenetic processes in the early life origins of disease with novel research findings. Submitted papers may target, but are not limited to, the following issues and questions:

  • Mechanisms by which the early life environment can induce epigenetic change
  • How stable is the epigenome?
  • Can induced epigenetic changes be linked directly to future disease risk?

More information...

Submission Guidelines

Instructions for authors can be found at http://journals.cambridge.org/doh/ifc

Papers must be submitted online http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/dohad

Share this Call for Papers with your colleagues

Kind regards,
Jo Rennie
Cambridge Journals

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Mizo scholar pahnih in Pre-Submission Seminar nei

Dt.15.11.2010 Monday khan Tv.Malsawmdawngliana Lailung Ph.D (Hist) zirlai chuan Department of History, University of Hyderabad ah Thesis Pre-Submission seminar tluang takin a nei. Hemi ni vek hian Nl.Vanlalhruaitluangi M.Phil(Hist) pawh in Thesis Pre-Submission Seminar tluang takin a nei ve bawk. Mizo Scholar pahnih- Tv.Sawmtea (Ph.D) leh Nl.Mahruaii (M.Phil) ten Thesis Pre-Submission seminar tluang taka an nei thei hi kan lawmpui in tha taka submission pawh an neih thuai kan duhsak e.
*Tunlai hian University of Hyderabad a Mizo zirlai Post-Graduate Course leh M.Phil Course work zirlai ten End Semester Exam nei mek. Result tha tak an neih kan duhsak e.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mizo Scholar Nula Chhuanawm

Nl.C.Lalrozami (Zamtei) D/o.Lalringliana, Ph.D (Communication), Department of Communication, University of Hyderabad a zirlai mek chuan Chiang Mai University (RCSD), Thailand-a 'Asian Borderlands: Enclosure, Interaction and Transformation' tih thupui hmanga 2nd Conference of the Asian Borderlands Research Network, Dt.5-7 November 2010 chhunga neih tur a Paper present turin Hyderabad khawpui chhuahsanin Thailand ah a thang mek. Nl.Zamtei paper present tur "On the discursive and the material context of the first written Lushai newspaper 'Mizo Chanchin Laisuih' 1898" hi a research supervisor Dr.P.Thirumal nena Joint paper an buatsaih a ni. Tha taka paper a present theih nan duhsakna kan hlan a, Mizo zirlai international huap a paper present kan nei hi kan lawmpuiin kan chhuang em em a ni.