Friday, January 23, 2015

Mizo nula 2 in Research Paper Present dawn

Kan MPGSU member  leh University of Hyderabad a Research Scholar pahnih - Nl.C.Vanlalruaii (Boboihi) Ph.D (Health Psychology) zirlai leh Nl. R.Lalnuntluangi (Matetei) Ph.D (Health Psychology) zirlai te chuan 50th National and International Conference of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology, 23rd - 25th January 2015 a neih mek ah research paper an present dawn. He conference hi Department of Psychology, Sri Padmavathi Women's Degree & PG College, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh ah neih a ni. Nl. C. Vanlalhruaii paper present tur topic chu "Perceived lonliness, general health and coping in cancer patients and caregivers" tih a ni a, Nl. R.Lalnuntluangi paper present tur topic chu "Gender differences in social support among hypertensive patients" tih a ni. Keini MPGSU, UoH te chuan hetiang a National and International Conference a paper present thei member 2 kan nei hi chhuanawm kan tiin an paper present tur pawh tha tak a an tih theih kan duhsak em em a ni.

C.Vanlalhruaii Ph,D (Health Psychology) and R.Lalnuntluangi Ph.D (Health Psyschology)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nl. Lydia-in M. Phil zo

Nl. Lydia Vanlalsiami Khiangte chuan January ni 9, 2015 khan a M.Phil thesis a thehlut ta. Nl. Lydia hian November ni 28, 2014 khan Centre for Applied Linguistic and Translation Studies (CALTS), School of Humanities, University of Hyderabad ah M. Phil pre-submission seminar tluang takin a lo nei zo tawh a ni. A thesis topic chu "Non-Nominative Subects in Mizo Language" tih a ni. Amah hi Mizo zinga UoH CALTS atanga M.Phil zo hmasa ber a ni. Nl. Lydia hi MPGSU-UoH te chuan kan chhuangin kan lawmpui takzet a, a kal leh zelna turah duhsakna sang ber kan hlan bawk e.