Sunday, November 15, 2009

Painting alive!

The master piece- Epis

He is a theorist and a painter who paint the pains of this life! Blessed assurance we are glad to have Epitemology (aka Taite-a) who has painted a portrait of gender bias. While most of us got failed in a drawing/painting whatever you may call, once again he has proven he's genius again. The painting foretell the stories of sufferings in the domestic domain. No wonder that this master piece is selected for an upcoming book "Gender Trouble".. Go..Taite Go.. paint the colors of life be they black or blue!


Mahruaii said...

he mi painting hi ni ti ro Book cover atan an dil kha?

Anonymous said...

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illusionaire said...

Wow. Hotupa chu helamah pawh talent a lo nei a ni maw? Kudos Pu Epimotelogy. Nice going.

Anonymous said...

Great work, U Epis. I've tried my hand at abstract art, but turns out only I could make out the abstraction in them :P
So, to quote Wayne "We're not worthy!!! We're not worthy!!!"

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Bala Murugan said...

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