Friday, May 31, 2013

University of Hyderabad entrance Interview result chhuak a Zohnahthlak tlingte

May 31st, 2013 khan University of Hyderabad entrance interview result tih chhuah a ni a. Kan hriat theih chinah Zohnahthlak tling te chu

MSc (Health Psychology)
 1) Deborah Lalhmangaihzauvi (Reserved Category)
     Admission date: 18th June, 2013
     Time: 9 A.M

MSc (Physics)
 1) K Hudson (Reserved Category)
     Admission date: 18th June, 2013
     Time: 9 A.M

MPhil (Applied Linguistic)
 1) Teresi Lalmuanawmi (Reserved Category)
     Admission date: 19th June, 2013
     Time: 9 A.M

Waiting List

MA (Mass Communication) (ST Reserved Category)
 1) Robert Lalsangpuia
 2) Jerry Vanlalremruata
     Calling date: 21st June, 2013
     Time: 2 P.M

MSc (Health Psychology) (ST Reserved Category)
 1) Lalremruati Hmar
     Calling date: 21st June, 2013
     Time: 9 A.M

MPhil (Political Science) (ST Reserved Category)
 1) G. Khaibiaklal
     Calling date: 21st June, 2013
     Time: 2 P.M

Admission fee leh result hrechiang leh zual duhtan University website ah a en theih reng e

NOTES: Admission ti tur leh waiting list te chuan an admission/calling date ni hian an Mark-sheets, transfer, migration certificates original leh attested photo copy, passport size photo tam thei ang ber, ST certificate original leh attested photo copy ken theuh tur a ni. Tin, a hun leh ni kan tarlan ang khian kim tak a kal tur a ni, proxy a theih lo ang.

Admission chungchang a University thuneitu te biak pawh theihna te:
Phone no's. 040-23132103, 23132102, 23132101.

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