Sunday, February 8, 2015

International conference ah Chingngaih in paper present

Kan member Nl.Chingngaih Vualnam, Ph.D Scholar, Department of History, University of Hyderabad chuan Dt.1.12.2014 khan International conference on Colonial Northeast India Local Histories, Regional Cultures, Global Connections tih India International Centre (Annexe) New Delhi, India a neih ah research paper 'Notions of history and identity: pre-colonial and colonial Manipur’ tih a present a ni. He workshop hi University 3 - Universities of Delhi, University of Melbourne leh University of Toronto ten a huho a an buatsaih a ni. Hetiang international huap academician te programme a kan member pui Nl.Chingngaih in paper a present thei hi keini MPGSU-UoH te chuan chhuanawm kan tiin, kan lawmpui em em a ni.

Nl. Chingngaih Vualna, Ph.D Scholar, University of Hyderabad

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