Sunday, March 27, 2016

Nl. Lalnuntluangi'n National Conference ah paper present

Kan member, Nl. R. Lalnuntluangi, University of Hyderabad a Ph.D Psychology zir mek chuan Pondicherry University a Department of Applied Psychology buatsaih, National Conference on Caring the Elderly: Psychosocial Perspective (NCCE 2016), March 23-24, 2016 a neih takah chuan a research paper, "Social Support and Adherence among elderly with chronic illness" tih chu March ni 23 khan a present a ni, Kan member Nl. R. Lalnuntluangi'n National Conference a research paper a present thei hi keini MPGSU-UoH member te chuan chuanawm kan tiin kan lawmpui em em a ni.
R. Lalnuntluangi (Ph.D Psychology)

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