Tuesday, May 10, 2016

MPGSU member pahnihin International Conference ah Research paper present

MPGSU-UoH member pahnih, Nl. C. Vanlalhruaii leh Nl. R. Lalnuntluangi, University of Hyderabad a Ph.D Psychology zirlai ve ve te chuan Department of Psychology, Bangalore University  buatsaih, International Conference of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology 2016, May 6-7, 2016 a Bangalore University a neih takah an Research paper ve ve tha takin an present.

Nl. C. Vanlalhruaii (Ph.D Psychology)

Nl. C, Vanlalhruaii hian a paper, "Cancer patients' quality of life and mental states as predictors of their caregivers' quality of life and mental states" tih chu May ni 7 khan a present a. Nl. R. Lalnuntluangi hian a paper, "Role of illness and gender in social support and adherence"  tih chu May ni 7 vek khan a present bawk a ni.
Nl. R. Lalnuntluangi (Ph.D Psychology)

Kan member te, Nl. C. Vanlalhruaii leh Nl. R. Lalnuntluangi te'n International conference a research paper an present thei hi keini MPGSU-UoH te chuan kan chhuangin kan lawmpui em em a ni.

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